BATB X | A Battle to Remember with Chaz Ortiz

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14 thoughts on “BATB X | A Battle to Remember with Chaz Ortiz

  1. Stephon Cruz

    When I used to skate you'd have to do full rotations if the other person did. Sad to see Berrics still accept half assed shit.

  2. Peter Sypien

    This battle had absolutely nothing to do with Chaz dude. Hell the guy seemed to have disappeared from contests too.

  3. NickStone68

    Luan: "How was it good?"  So true though, he didn't slide his bigger spin at all and Cody straight reverted it.  If they're going to have rules they should at least attempt to follow them lol.  In my opinion Luan got robbed

  4. Jonathan Pitchford

    "No doing tricks that slide on the ground if your apponent popped his trick" the Switch front 360 heel should've been redone then

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