carpenters -We’ve Only Just Begun

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12 thoughts on “carpenters -We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Adrian Stokes

    And that, Cheryl Cole, is called having a suburb singing voice. What's that you say? "What the hell's having a suburb singing voice?" Yeah, sorry about it, but having an arguably pretty face just isn't enough. You actually have to have talent! What a cruel bitch show business is!

  2. Roger Snider

    After doing some research and reading a couple of biographies of Karen, I really despise and detest Richard and his cronies at A&M Records! The solo Album that Karen released was a masterpiece!! Karen invested a small fortune and her soul into that album only to be turned down and debunked by her loved ones and the diatribe of Derelicts at A&M Records!! I find it haunting to realize how she must have felt all alone in her bedroom at her parent's house between the rejection of her album and a failed marriage, we can only speculate just how Traumatized she was deep in her heart! Yes, she died of poisoning due to malpractice and abuse of over the counter medication, but it is my theory and suspicion that she ultimately died of a Broken Heart!

  3. Greg Akinson

    What an incredible voice she had! And yet another blast from the past to bring back memories from a better place in time…..

  4. Rolly Polly

    Compared to this the current crop or warbling washer women that the failed modern entertainment industry is pushing as singers sound well, like a bunch of warbling washer women

  5. Angel Deville

    And to think, before Richard had the idea to rearrange and record this, it was originally a bank commercial song, written by Paul Williams for ad advertising agency. Brilliant.

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