Coming Home to a Leaky Kitchen

A few months ago, it started raining really hard while I was at work. I didn’t really think anything of it and decided to stay close to the office until the rain slowed down. That was a huge mistake.

When I arrived home, I realized everything was wet in the kitchen. Come to find out, My roof had been busted by a tree limb and now water was getting in. I had to find a good place for roof installation in Manhattan NY .

After I researched a little bit, I called the company with the best reviews and afforadble pricing. We set up a time that would be convient for them to visit the house.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and scrubbing and saving what belongings I could that had not been damaged by the water. I put buckets down to try to catch as much water as possible. The contractors came out the next day and assessed the situation. We settled on a price and they got straight to work. The workers were polite even though the noise of them working was a bit loud. That is to be expected though. My roof was repaired very quickly. It looks better than it did before. I was very impressed by how fast they worked and how well the work looks. I might need to get my whole roof re-done so it all looks as great.

I am going to get the tree cut down that hangs over my house so I do not have to worry about this happening again. But my roof is now in perfect condition and my kitchen is dry and clean. I am glad that finding someone to fix it was not as big of a hassle as I thought it would be. It was almost painless.

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