Deep relaxing sleep music: Go for your deepest sleep yet. (3 hours) for Insomnia Help with Delta

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12 thoughts on “Deep relaxing sleep music: Go for your deepest sleep yet. (3 hours) for Insomnia Help with Delta

  1. Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

    Thanks for your support guys of this track. Over 7 million views now across the world! Thank you so much for supporting my channel and I will continue to bring you the very best music I can source each day. Peaceful nights sleep to you and greetings from NSW Australia.

  2. Sue DeSimone

    I love this video so much! I'm ill today…so I don't know if it's because of that, but I had an intense dream earlier this morning whilst listening to this. I wrote this amazing poem. I should have written it down right away! That's so much, Jason!

  3. nickodemo1

    i wish i could stop reading comments and try to relax and sleep instead….you should try that too… stop scrolling down -.-

  4. Sheniya L.

    Can someone please help me fall asleep to this ? Do you close your eyes and clear your thoughts & just focus on this . I sleep with a fan so it's already noise . I've been having a hard time sleeping because I'm always noticing my heart beat & anxiety

  5. Victor Galvão

    It really is mind altering . Not sure if it is a bad thing or good thing . I have been trying it with mixed feelings . First couple nights , it really put me to " sleep " . I used the " " , because it is not really deep sleep for the first few hours . It seems that you are awake but sleeping at the same time , if you know what I mean , you have crazy vivid / lucid dreams and you barely feel that you are sleeping . That is for the first few hours , after that I guess you go into deep sleep and you really feel like you are turning off your brain , finally real sleep . That is for the first 2 days . Third day , to me , was the day that things got really bad and scary . I started " sleeping " again with the feeling that i was awake and with crazy vivid dreams or should I say nightmares, and then I kinda woke up but I couldn't move . Scariest shit ever . and I had a clear voice in my HEAD telling me that " i should DO better "
    ( i was still listening to the music with inner ear phones ) . I heard that as i " woke up " but i couldn't move . After struggling to move for about 1-2 minutes I finally broke throught and took the phones out of my ear right away . REally scary feeling and sensation . I woke up like " WOOO WTF WAS THAT " like you are waking up from your works nightmare. anyone knows why that might have happened to me ?

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