DJI Spark Max Distance Test Flight with Controller

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16 thoughts on “DJI Spark Max Distance Test Flight with Controller

  1. Lee Smith

    Great video. I don't get why it will not let you take back control once you're back in range. I'm sure they have their reasons.

  2. Teerawat Vanasapdamrong

    Nice test. I just got mine without a remote for now. Can't wait for a remote to be delivered.
    1 question, how much battery did it have left after you hit the limit and back home?

  3. Allen Lo

    Hey, have you tried the gesture mode, my doesn't seems it's working properly, and it's more responsive when I use my fist than my palm, let me know if you are experiencing the same thing

  4. Jerry Berglund

    It flew only 2km? was that really far? COuldnt it go further? Or am I just getting confused by that you still using imperial over there and not the metric. 🙂

  5. cruisin_psu

    can you turn off that beeping? i wouldn't want that much alarming noise if i was in a public place

  6. Bob Brown

    It's battery life is what triggers the smart return to home. You can cancel it and keep flying if you're able to walk up or drive up and retrieve the drone from wherever it lands

  7. Conrad Kritzberger

    Seems to me that unit should 'automatically' attempt to re-sync with the controller (about every 100-feet, after starting back.) Not the "smartest" software on-board.

  8. MrLuca82mi

    I always open the propellers before using the spark, isn't it necessary as I am seening from this video?!

  9. stefano giovannini

    I wonder if you were flying lower it may get stopped by a tree. or if you are on a ship that is moving if you can change the home point. Can you interrupt the return home? PS without the sunglasses on it would be easier to see the iPad screen in that bright light!

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