Helping People to Understand Dementia is Our Number One Goal

It can be really tough to get the word out about what you do these days. For 15 to 20 years, websites reigned supreme about helping people to learn about what you do. But the online world is a bit more interactive now, and people do not want to spend a lot of time searching out lone sites to check out. Many people want to join a small number of social media sites and simply scroll down a page to see interesting content. My agency employed the help of Big 3 Media to create a video that would go viral so that more people would learn about what we do.

Dementia is something that not a lot of people have understood even today. For a very long time, families have felt that it’s important to hide the truth about their loved ones who are stuck with this horrible disease. Often, they worry that their loved one will be made fun of or treated poorly in some other way because of the disease that they are suffering from. This stigma comes about because many people simply do not know what dementia is like. It’s helping people to understand things more is exactly what helps stigma to disappear. And research shows that as people live longer lives thanks to the advancements in technology, more people will have dementia. It is our aim to help change the way people think about it and even be prepared for it in their own lives.

When we approached Big 3 Media with our ideas for a viral video, they were eager to help. We had some ideas of what we wanted to create, but we are amateurs and really did not know how to pull it off really well. They had fantastic ideas immediately. It took a couple of months for them to come up with something amazing, and we love the work they did.

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