16 thoughts on “HTC U 11 First Test: Frame Squeeze Starts Apps | Hands-on Review

  1. Juan Ferrer

    nice phone, i think price should start at $600. but really liking this phone and better software than the s8.

  2. MRHarmonie

    Can someone explain to me why there is no bluetooth 5 despite the fact it's supported by snapdragon 835 / also there is no Galileo support – again snapdragon does support it – can't get my head around it

  3. Johnny Pigman

    New speaker monster, new speaker test.
    XZ Premium vs U 11 speaker test.
    But a battle of all Q1 2017 flagship in speaker would be awesome. (S8/S8+, G6, XZP, P10/P10+, Mi6, U 11, OP5)

  4. Usman Tariq

    I just don't understand one thing, why did they use glass on the back? Just give me one good reason?
    Wireless charging is not there, so it's not for that.
    If they did this to make it beautiful, then as far as I know, HTC 10 with metal body was one of the most beautiful looking device out there, and in my opinion, metal is way better then glass! It also makes the device way more durable…

  5. John Caban

    Don't understand their logic when it comes to the battery life. they put a 3000 size battery in a 5.5 inch phone with Quad HD????? my 5 inch pixel with high-def screen has 2770 battery. I can barely make it through the day with that so how the hell am I going to make it through a whole day with the battery in the HTC??? they Woulda had probably the best rated phone ever if they put at least a 3500 or higher battery in this phone. they have the best camera of any phone right now but they fall short with the battery now. I feel bad for HTC because this is one of my first smart phones back in 2010 and it seems like they always fall short.. I guess I will wait and see what the OnePlus 5 brings..

  6. Lwitiko Winga

    that phone looks below average,,,,, looks I repeat I would never use this phone in 2017,,,,the galaxy note 2 which is like 4 or 5 years ago look exactly the same with this for me,,,, it's boring ,,,,2 years ago I had the m8 and it looks more modern than this

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