Squeeze – Cool For Cats

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15 thoughts on “Squeeze – Cool For Cats

  1. Baron Kimball

    Pub rock, the heirs to the Beatles, somehow lost in the shuffle of late '70's disco, punk, prog, and heavy metal.

  2. brittany michelle

    favorite squeeze song. not played nearly enough on american radio today. jools looks so lustworthy on back of album. by the way, calling an american Indian lass a squaw is like calling an English girl a cunt

  3. murphyjones100

    With an accent like that I swear this dude had never left London in his whole life.. its awesome.

  4. Ryan Plate

    I don't know why he didn't tell those girls to get the fuck out his face goddam they are so annoying.

  5. Ian Brooke

    100% perfect dance record. Perfect beat, perfect sattire, funny vid, and as nostalgic as anything.

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