16 thoughts on “The right way to fold socks!

  1. Savanna McFadgean

    That is the most stupidest way to fold socks when you could just shove them inside of each other which takes 3 seconds

  2. Zara bees

    It looks nice but you fold it too quickly , it's not that easy to follow, one has to repeatedly watching you to get the hang of it. By the way thank you very much for sharing.

  3. Stefanina da Lucca

    This looks good for calf-length socks, but what about long socks or short ones? (also, while transitioning from the old method to the new, I can weed out socks I just don't like wearing anymore)

  4. Jonas

    I saved so much space folding this way instead of just rolling the ends and tossing them into the drawer higgledy-piggledy, I fit two drawers worth of socks into one!
    I have 67 pairs of socks.
    it took a really long time.
    Why do I have so many socks?

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