Using Scrap Metal to Help the Church

I purchased 25 acres of property a few months ago. I didn’t want any of the buildings or the house on it, so I planned on tearing it all down so I could build my wife’s dream house there. I am not extremely wealthy, but I had made enough good investments to be able to do this for her. When I did an inspection of the property and buildings, I noticed that there was a lot of scrap metal in some of the sheds and barns. I had no idea what scrap metal prices were, but I knew that hauling all of it to a scrap metal dealer would be the best way to get rid of it.

I went online because I didn’t even know which scrap dealers were in the area. I did a quick search and found a site that listed all of the dealers after I put in my zip code, and it also listed information about each one, including the prices that they were paying for various types of scrap metal. I wasn’t doing this to earn any kind of profit for myself, so I actually talked to the pastor at the church that my wife and I attend.

I told him I would supply the transportation to haul the scrap metal to the scrap yard as well as lunch and drinks if he would supply the help to load it into the trucks. In return, the church could use the money that is collected for anything he would like. Since there was a lot of scrap metal, I told him we would need a good bit of help, and people readily volunteered. The amount of money that the church received in payment for the scrap metal really blew all of us away, because it was a lot more than any of us expected. It is a win win situation though, because now I can tear down the buildings, and the church has an unexpected and very nice donation.

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